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The Newfoundland and Labrador government has unveiled details of its vaccine passport program a day ahead of its Friday release
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What is NL Vax Pass App

The Newfoundland and Labrador government has revealed details of its vaccination passport programme, which will ultimately encompass most of the province’s public life.

The passport is a QR code that can be accessed through a smartphone app or a real paper copy that is a little smaller than a credit card. This code may be used to prove COVID-19 immunisation for many companies and communal places.

The software, called “NLVaxPass,” saves QR codes but not personal health data.

Businesses and organisations must use NLVaxVerify to scan QR codes when customers enter. A photo ID or other form of identification is required to verify a QR code.

A green bar with a chime and buzz if you are completely vaccinated, a red bar with a separate chime and vibration otherwise. Valid medical exemptions will be issued a QR code and regarded as fully vaccinated.

On Thursday afternoon in St. John’s, Premier Andrew Furey announced the introduction of the vaccination passport applications.

The government claims that just the person’s name will be revealed when the code is confirmed, but the passport is still supposed to remain secure.

“Don’t publish it on social media,” stated Sarah Stoodley, Minister of Digital Government and Service N.L.

Passports are required by Oct. 22.

The free applications and codes will be available Friday morning, but the passports will not be required until October 22, giving individuals time to organise their information and companies and organisations time to plan enforcement procedures.

“You may use them right away, but after two weeks, it’s essential,” Furey added.

With the pandemic’s delta-driven fourth wave, vaccination goals have risen, and officials at the launch urged more Newfoundlanders to participate.

“We need 90%,” says Health Minister John Haggie. “Nearly there. You decide. Then download the app tomorrow.”

As part of the continuing COVID-19 epidemic, the province reported seven additional confirmed cases — two in Eastern Health and the rest in Central Health.

Those newest statistics came with a warning for two Provincial Airlines flights.

On Sunday, Sept. 26, passengers on PB902 from Deer Lake to St. John’s should be tested, as should those on PB1901 from Wabush to Sept-Iles, Quebec, on Oct. 4.

A single dosage has been received by almost 90% of the population as of Thursday.

Passports are required.

Vaccination is still optional, but in two weeks, passports will be required for most non-essential activities for those aged 12 and above.

Bars, clubs, and indoor entertainment venues will all need evidence of complete immunisation. In-restaurant dining is covered, but not takeaway or patios.

They are required for every company or organisation event, from baby showers to retirement celebrations, as well as personal services like hair salons and tattoo parlours.

The programme also covers indoor fitness centres and arenas. Organised sports for children aged 12 to 18 are excluded in an attempt to promote physical exercise, the province claims.

Vaccine passports aren’t required for religious events. They must work at half-capacity, without singing, and with physical and other precautions.

After speaking with organisations, the province decided not to fund religious services completely under the programme.

Vaccine passports are not needed for most vital services, save auto dealerships, where they are required. Ferries will also be excluded.

The St. John’s Board of Trade chimed in on the idea, as companies throughout the province would be verifying passports.

When companies take this extra safety precaution, please be nice to them, said the board’s CEO AnnMarie Boudreau.

Out-of-province visitors must provide a paper or electronic immunisation record. The province is collaborating with neighbouring provinces to standardise QR code scanning so visitors may use the same system as locals.

The province expects a learning curve.

The province said the apps will be available at 8 a.m. NT Friday, and the COVID-19 vaccine site will be updated.

The NLVaxPass also has QR codes. An app may save up to 20 QR codes to help families and individuals who share smartphones.

“We fully recognise that there will be a learning curve,” added Stoodley.

As a result, she added, toll-free assistance lines, instructional materials for companies, and trained library personnel would be accessible. Those without access to computers may call a toll-free number or send a printed QR code.

The government isn’t helping companies comply with the scheme financially. Organizations will need a mobile device to verify passports, but it does not need to be connected to the internet constantly.

People may be fined up to $500 and companies up to $50,000, with possible prison time.

Government inspectors will monitor the system, and police may issue fines for non-compliance.

Employees of companies that need passports must also be immunised, but the province is giving them until Dec. 1 to receive their vaccinations.

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How To Download

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