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Every week, over 10,000 people get HD Video Downloader & Live TV-VidMate for free from APKPure. Unexpectedly, it is now extremely popular in India. On the 24th of June, 2016, it was released.You'll want it on your phones once you understand it. Download free movies, music, HD videos, and live TV on your Android device!
29 Sep 21
Android 5.0 or Up
22.9 MB

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There are many apps available to Internet users. In addition to its many features, this app is one of the few we tried that offered features not found in other apps. The response time of this application, for example, is faster than that of other web apps. Furthermore, the navigation is simple, as well as the buttons are easily accessible for easy usage.

What is Vidmate Apk Download

Discover Android applications here; every week, 10,000+ people download HD Video Downloader & Live TV-VidMate’s latest version for free on APKPure! It has lately gained a lot of popularity in India due to the unexpected. On the 24th of June, 2016, this popular app was launched. After you learn more, you’ll want to utilise it on your own phones. On your Android smartphone, you can get the latest movies, music, HD videos, and live TV for free!

VidMate is a video downloader, media player, and converter in one. VidMate can manage everything, so you don’t need to use several applications. Vidmate comes to the rescue when you wish to download a video you’ve seen online. You may use this application to download movies, music, and videos onto your computer.

VidMate, a new participant in the game of live movie and video streaming services in India, has just emerged and is gaining traction. With over 10,000 unique downloads, it’s obvious that the service is providing services that can’t be found anywhere else to the world’s 7th biggest populous region. And for good cause, as we would soon discover, since the service has received overwhelmingly favourable feedback in the short time it has been operational. We’ll see for ourselves how the app developer worked his magic on this tiny package to make it so wonderful in the eyes of so many.

Your multimedia downloader

The VidMate downloading software allows you to view online media from over 1000 different sources. The software allows users to search for and download their favourite videos. You may download media from the internet, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud. The download procedure is simple and works with video streaming services such as Vevo and social networking sites such as Instagram.

The app’s UI is simple to use. It uses beautiful tiles to show the supported websites. You may explore these and download your stuff from there. All you have to do is open the VidMate app, go to a website, locate your video, and download it. To begin downloading, just click the applications icon. Because VidMate can download movies, you have the option of selecting the quality. You may select from 480p to 1080p, or even 4K if your device supports it.

The software is much more than a download manager. Once you’ve downloaded VidMate, you’ll be able to watch your favourite TV shows from within the app. This may help you conserve space on other streaming applications.

A built-in app store allows you to browse and download a wide variety of apps. The app’s notifications, on the other hand, are persistent and may become intrusive or irritating.

There are many formats available.

You may select not just the quality of your videos, but you can also convert them after they’ve been downloaded using this media downloader. You can convert to MP3 or MP4 as a user, so you won’t need another software to finish the process. Because the download and conversion processes are quick, you’ll have your desired movies in no time.

VidMate is a video-sharing programme that you may use on your phone or PC. VidMate works on several downloads at the same time, no matter where you use it. You have complete control over your download since you can stop and cancel it while it is in process. You may either use the VidMate interface or copy and paste the URL to locate your material.

This programme is versatile and handy since it can be used to download and convert files. VidMate also functions well as a default audio player since it can play both videos and audio. This all-user-friendly arounder’s design helps it become an app that serves many purposes at once while also being fun to use.


Vidmate is a programming programme that you may use on your computer. On a larger screen, watching the limitless movies and TV programmes available via this app from over 200 channels is much more pleasurable. Because your computer has greater storage, you can download more files. Because the software is designed for Android devices, it works best using an emulator like Nox APP Player or Bluestacks.

The Vidmate APK is accessible for free download, and all of the downloads inside the app are also free. You may download your first videos with only a few taps or clicks after you’ve installed it.

VidMate for Android is also available for your convenience while you’re on the move. The mobile app will certainly use up a lot of your bandwidth, but if you need to get a movie while you’re away from your computer, it’s the way to go. It’s possible to save space on your phone by transferring your download to your PC.

Alternatives to consider

While it is a popular alternative for many people who prefer to download rather than watch, it is not the only one. Here are a few VidMate options worth considering.

aTube Catcher is an alternative file downloader. It was designed primarily for YouTube, although it may also be used for Vimeo or DailyMotion. It, like VidMate, also enables you to convert file formats.

YTD Video Downloader is another alternative. Though restricted in scope, it will suffice if you just wish to download YouTube videos. Keep an eye out for this one; if you don’t pay attention during installation, you may end up with unwanted applications on your computer.

If VidMate isn’t for you, Videoder is another option to think about. There is a quick download option and the search engine is easy to use. If you like fast downloads, this is the programme for you. It doesn’t include nearly as many streaming sites as aTube or VidMate, so keep that in mind.

Offline enjoyment of high-quality material

VidMate is a fantastic application that allows you to watch TV episodes, movies, and listen to music from hundreds of various websites. You may view the material anytime you want since it has been downloaded. You may download when connected to the internet, but you can watch high-quality movies at any time. It offers up a world of entertainment options for you, whether you’re on a lengthy trip or at home.

The procedure of downloading files is made simple by the app’s ease of use. The other functions are more frills than necessities, although the ability to use it as an audio player and an app store are welcome additions.

The most recent version of the programme contains software enhancements aimed at avoiding problems that customers were having. These changes will fix the app’s download and search problems, which were causing it to slow and crash. These problems, which were most frequently encountered during repeated downloads, will be avoided with the stabilised software.

You can quickly download movies/music/videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and hundreds of other sites using sophisticated download technologies! Everything you’re looking for in terms of entertainment is right here!


  1. 1.Unlimited Full Movie Download- You will always be able to discover the most recent and sexiest films here.
    • -Provide download sources in a variety of quality and format options.
    • -Cover all film genres, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and films in a variety of other languages.
  2. High-Quality Music Downloads-Support over 500,000 high-quality songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and a variety of other languages.
  3. HD Video Download-Search, watch, and download videos from hundreds of websites.
    • -The most popular websites are Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break, Funny or Die, NDTV, Pagalworld, Mp4mobilemovies, and other regionally popular websites.
    • -Download highlights from the cricket world cup from sites like Starsports, ICC-cricket, ESPNcricinfo, and others.
  4. TV Programs to Download-You may download popular TV shows from Channel V, Colors V, SAB TV, Sahara One, Sony TV, Star Plus, Star World, and Zee TV.
  5. Advanced Download Technology-Multiple downloads, downloading in the background, restarting downloads, and download stability
  6. Working Live TV Channels-Collect 200 working live TV channels, including movies, music, fashion, news, entertainment, sports, and many more genres.

Features of Vidmate Apk Download

  1. First and foremost, VidMate HD Video Downloader is not a stand-alone video streaming service. Aside from providing users with practically limitless and unrestricted access to the most recent films in all genres, from Bollywood to Hollywood, It also provides high-quality music streaming and downloads in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and others. It’s no surprise that everyone falls in love with this software so quickly: the range of abilities as well as the breadth of its coverage is enormous. You won’t need anything else for years if you utilise VidMate as your entertainment centre.
  2. Its design is also perfect for its function. With specially designed icons and folders, the app has a clean material appearance. You won’t have any difficulty getting used to the software the first time you use it. Furthermore, unlike many other applications with excellent ideas and executions but poor user interface design, the design will not scratch your eyes.
  3. Apart from Internet resources, VidMate also offers access to over 200 live TV channels, covering a wide range of topics such as movies, music, fashion, news, entertainment, sport, and a variety of others. This software will ensure that you never run out of stuff to view.
  4. Its most appealing feature, though, is not its ability to stream high-definition movies and music fast. But it’s also important to be able to download them fast and with great quality. You may not only download movies and music from VidMate’s internal library, but you can also download materials from other websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and so on. You’ll never miss out on anything again, and instead of relying on data signals or WiFi at every turn to watch your movies, you’ll be able to do so without incurring any costs.
  5. The download technology that’s built into the software isn’t your run-of-the-mill type, however. Instead, it’s a full-featured download manager that lets you download several files at once, stop and restart downloads, and download in the background.
  6. VidMate HD Video Downloader & Live TV isn’t just an entertainment centre; it’s a one-stop shop for nearly all of the features you’ll ever need (or want). However, it is also a strong download engine that can provide you with materials from all across the Internet, not only its own repository.
  7. The VidMate 4.5063 Android APK is available for download.
  8. VidMate is available for download via the Google Play Store and for Android devices. Simply go to and get VidMate HD Video Downloader & Live TV. There are some standard advertisements and possible in-app purchases in the game, but they shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your gameplay experience. You may also buy additional things later on in the game.

More Features

  • Easy and Free download process
  • Free – download, install and use
  • Easy Navigation
  • Real experience self-played game
  • Auto matchmaking systems
  • Made by high experienced developers
  • No ads, no banner, no popups
  • Runs smoothly on your phone
  • Well Structured

Our team has checked each and every aspect of Vidmate Apk Download, and we didn’t find any virus or anything that reflects our users to download something else that they are finding. The Vidmate Apk Download sound and graphics are superbly good, We tried both the ways from using headphones and in-speaker and it perfectly fine by our side, Graphics are also good from starting page to in gameplay, sometimes it bothers because of device specs that differ in every device we test in multiple phones that runs in Android 10,9,8 and some famous brand phone like, Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, Asus, Iphone and many more and we didn’t find any issues.

How To Download

The Vidmate Apk Download can easily be downloaded. Downloading the app is as easy as following the steps provided below. Getting the mod can be accomplished by following the steps outlined below.

  • Now click on the given download link.
  • Wait a few seconds after clicking on the link, your phone will start downloading Vidmate Apk Download in a short time.
  • After downloading click on the Vidmate Apk Download file and install it on your phone.

Note – If you are unable to install downloaded applications because of unknown sources in your phone, you will need to turn it on in the settings of the phone.

Final verdicts

Now you can see what and where to download Vidmate Apk Download, and we get all the data to combine and test each thing on the Vidmate Apk Download and our final conclusion that is this app is safe, easy to use, simple to use, and well-organized way than the official one. App lovers who are super enthusiastic to play and use Vidmate Apk Download are now completely free and hassle-free for downloading.

What's new

Recently updated Virus and malware-free Various Bug Fixes New Features Added Performance updates Added additional language support Improved font size for tablet Improved Preferences view with grouping and categories Available latest & old Versions


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