10 Best Clone Apps To Run Multiple Accounts On Android in 2021

Let’s face it: we all have many social media accounts these days. Not only do we have many social media accounts, but we also have various gaming accounts, WhatsApp accounts, and so on. Android does not have any facilities for managing numerous accounts by default.

Users of popular applications like WhatsApp do not have the option to log out. That means you’ll have to delete your current account and create a new one. Facebook Messenger and other instant chat applications are in the same boat.

App cloners were created to cope with such issues. App cloners, as the name implies, duplicate installed applications. Signing in with the secondary account may be done using the copied applications. In the Play Store, there are several app cloners that may be used to run many accounts of the same app at the same time.

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10 Best Clone Apps For Android To Run Multiple Accounts

We’ve chosen to present some of the top app cloners for Android in this post. You may quickly build a cloned version of installed applications using these applications to run numerous accounts at the same time.

1. Parallel Space

Parallel Space is now the most popular app cloner on the Play Store. Parallel Space has the advantage of being able to clone any major programme, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. What’s more, Parallel Space allows you to build several cloned instances of a programme.

2. Dual Space

It’s quite similar to the Parallel Space application that was previously mentioned. Dual Space, like Parallel Space, provides a clone version of all loaded software. Dual Space differs from Parallel Space in that it has a smaller installation file and uses less power.

3. MoChat

MoChat, on the other hand, is a little different from the other two apps mentioned in the post. Users may use MoChat to clone and manage several social and gaming accounts online. As a result, MoChat is limited to cloning social networking and instant messaging applications. Apart from that, the fact that the software only takes up 6MB of storage on your Android smartphone makes it much more appealing.

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4. 2Accounts

2Accounts is one of the greatest Android applications for running two accounts of the same app at the same time, as the name suggests. What’s more, guess what? You can also use 2Accounts to create two Google Play game accounts and get experience for each of them at the same time. So, 2Accounts is another excellent app cloner available right now.

5. Multi Apps

If you’re looking for a simple Android software to create a clone version of loaded apps, Multi Applications may be the best option for you.You may clone and operate numerous social and gaming accounts of the same app at the same time with Multi Apps. Multi Apps is another other excellent software for your Android smartphone.

6. Dr.Clone

Unlike other app cloners, Dr.Clone lets you login to two accounts of the same app at the same time. Dr.Clone is distinguished by its security lock function. The app cloner app for Android allows you to password/pattern/fingerprint lock the cloned copies of applications.

7. Parallel U

Parallel U is yet another top-rated Android app cloner on the list, capable of cloning several popular applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, and others. Parallel U’s UI is also very impressive, and it has no negative impact on the performance of your device.

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8. Multi

On the Google Play Store, it is one of the finest multi-account applications for Android. Multi has a fantastic UI that is both clean and appealing. Multi has compatibility for the majority of popular Android applications, as well as a privacy locker.

9. DO Multiple Space

It’s yet another great multi-account and cloner app for your Android device.You may use DO Numerous Space to build and execute multiple instances of the same programme at the same time. What makes the app even more appealing is the fact that it includes a private vault for securing your copied applications and accounts.

10. Super Clone

Super Clone is another excellent Android software for cloning applications and managing numerous accounts. Super Clone’s biggest feature is that it can clone practically any famous programme, including Instagram, Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, and others. The Super Clone is the Android software to use if you want to move between many social and gaming identities.

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