10 Best Emoji Apps For Android in 2021

Those days are long gone when texting seemed like a chore. Texting is now a lot of fun because of the hundreds of various emoticons and stickers available on messaging applications. Emoji is a brand-new method for us to communicate with others.

However, not every program has emoji compatibility, so having an emoji-friendly keyboard is always a good idea. We can discover hundreds of emoji apps for Android on the Google Play Store if we search for them. However, not all of them work.

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List of 10 Best Emoji Apps For Android in 2021

We’ll go through all there is to know about the top emoji applications for Android down below. You may use these applications to communicate with your friends and family via social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, let’s get this party started.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

If you want to use emojis on your Android phone, SwiftKey Keyboard is by far the greatest software. It’s an Android keyboard app featuring a large number of emojis. The app’s best feature is that it lets users utilise emojis on practically any platform, including social media platforms. Flow-typing, spelling recommendations, dictionary word recommendations, and other sophisticated capabilities are included in the app.


GIFs, stickers, and emoji are all popular on GIPHY. The software is also accessible for iOS devices, which is fantastic. Users may also share their GIFs, Stickers, and Emoji on numerous social media networks using the app. You will also have the opportunity to design your own emojis if you don’t like any of the emojis accessible in the app. Almost every prominent network, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, is compatible with the app.

3. Facemoji

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard could be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for a free and completely customizable keyboard software for your Android smartphone. What’s more, guess what? The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard has over 3600 emojis, adorable stickers, emoticons, GIFs, fonts, and more features. You may make use of such features when conversing on your preferred app.

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4. Emoji keyboard

Emoji Keyboard is one of the most competent Android keyboard applications available today, despite its lack of popularity. Thousands of emojis are available for personal use using the keyboard app. The Emoji Keyboard is important since it allows you to utilise emojis on a variety of popular instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat.

5. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a fun software that works on both Android and iOS devices. Bitmoji is excellent since it enables users to make their own customised and unique emoticons. Not only that, but the programme also lets users use the emojis across a variety of messaging platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Overall, Bitmoji is one of the greatest Android emoji applications available.

6. GO Keyboard

On the Google Play Store, GO Keyboard is undoubtedly the greatest emoji keyboard app. You won’t believe it, but GO Keyboard comes with over 10000 colourful themes, 1000 emojis, 800 emoticons, and a few additional features to improve your typing and conversation experience. Emoji prediction, another fascinating feature of GO Keyboard, provides exact predictions of your emoji search.

7. Gboard

Google’s Gboard is one of the top emoji applications available on the Google Play Store for Android. The software is well-known for its user-friendly layout and minimal weight. The software consistently provides a superior keyboard typing experience. The software also supports Emoji, and once you begin typing, it will immediately suggest the appropriate emoji. Gesture is also supported by Gboard, which comes with various unique themes.

8. Textra SMS

Textra SMS isn’t a keyboard app, but it is a highly customised messaging software that can replace the default messaging app on Android. Textra SMS also comes with a full-featured keyboard with over 2700 emoticons. The Android app also has a plethora of customization choices, such as the ability to modify the accent colour, bubble colours, theme colours, font, and size, among other things. Textra SMS also enables users to schedule SMS and MMS transmissions.

9. Big Emoji

Big Emoji is another excellent Android emoji app that you can use right now. Big Emoji is unique in that it provides users with access to over 5000+ Unicode emojis. What’s more, Big Emoji is compatible with practically all popular instant messaging programmes, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

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10. Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji, on the other hand, is a little different from the rest of the list. It’s a full-featured Android emoji app with over 2000 high-definition emojis and stickers. In WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and other instant messaging applications, you can send high-definition emoticons with a single tap.

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