How To Identify Fake Apps In Google Play Store

Android’s vast software community is the one feature that sets it apart from its rivals. Take a quick peek at the Google Play Store to see what applications and games are available in various categories. The real issue is that the Google Play Store still contains bogus games. While Google’s efforts to discourage the proliferation of fraudulent games, they continue to thrive on the Play Store.

Users have always had an issue with fake Android applications in the Google Play Store. Developers also build lists that seem to be identical replicas of famous games, with the same icon and name, but they are not. Fake apps are usually used to flood the Android screen with advertisements.

How to Spot Fake Apps in the Google Play Store

In certain instances, the fake apps can also instal malware on your computer. With so many applications on the Google Play Store, it’s important to think about a few items before downloading one. In this post, we’ll go into how to find bogus Android apps on the Play Store in depth. Let’s get this party started.

1. App Name

How Can I Tell If An App Is Fake On Google Play?

Their name is one of the most popular items you’ll notice in a false app. Examine the app name mentioned on the search page closely. A few terms in the name are changed by the developers. The fake Swiftkey Keyboard app, for example, could appear as’ Swift Keyboard. ‘ It’s crucial to pay careful attention to the app’s words. The app’s name says a lot about it, because it’s one of the first items you can think about.

2. Developer Name

How Can I Tell If An App Is Fake On Google Play?

Let’s face it, we barely look up the developer’s name while downloading an app on Android. Even if the name seems to be legitimate, you can double-check the developer’s name. You will look up a developer’s name by typing the app’s name into Google. If the developer’s name isn’t immediately obvious, look at their other apps. This can be achieved by going to the Play Store page and clicking on the developer’s name.

3. User Reviews & Ratings

How Can I Tell If An App Is Fake On Google Play?

User feedback and ratings provide valuable information about the software you are about to use. Scroll down to the bottom of the App page to locate the customer rating and evaluation portion. You can look at the app’s analysis. If the software is bogus, several users might have written about it in the summary portion. In addition, the app would get a large number of unfavourable reviews. As a result, it’s a good idea to read at least 4-5 feedback before downloading an app.

4. Download Rates

How Can I Tell If An App Is Fake On Google Play?

Checking the successful installation is the next best way to spot a phoney app. Common and legitimate applications are expected to have a large number of downloads. Fake games, on the other hand, will have fewer downloads. Consider WhatsApp, which has over a billion downloads and is one of the most famous applications on the Google Play Store. But what if the page you’re interested in just has 10,000 listings? It’s a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a phoney app. Before you launch an app, think of how many people have already downloaded it.

5. Screenshots

Another good way to detect a phoney app is to look at the screenshot. Developers will be unable to use screenshots from an approved app due to copyright problems. Even if the screenshots seem to be real, the text written on the photographs must be interpreted. Developers that are attempting to duplicate an app can leave several hints, and it is your job to spot them.

6. Use Google Search

Use Google to find information.

This is also another excellent method for determining whether or not an app is secure. Users must Google phrases such as “Is (app name) safe to install?” or “Is (app name) secure?”You’ll get relevant results from a Google search. As a result, you can go to certain websites and read the feedback. You should even look up the app’s name on Quora or Reddit to see whether it’s legal to use. So, a quick Google search will give you a lot of information about the software you’re about to install.

7. Check The Permissions

Examine the Permissions

It is important to review the permissions before downloading any app. We don’t really give software permissions much thought, but they provide a good image of the product we’re about to update and use. It’s fairly normal for an app like Skype to provide links to call records, SMS, and media data. If, on the other hand, a calculator app requests links to call records, SMS logs, GPS, Read Modify storage, and so on, there’s something fishy going on. As a result, use your common sense to determine which permissions the software really requires. If it asks for more permission, it’s most likely a poor app.

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