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Clash of Magic S2 APK is a private app that gives you access to a variety of resources in Clash of Magic. You must be willing to change to a popular private server, such as Clash of Magic. Yes, it’s designed specifically for people seeking limitless resources and unique modifications in order to have an unrivaled and incredible experience.

In Clash of Clans, you must work hard to get resources such as gems, elixir, money, and so on. And, if you don’t have enough, you’ll have to wait longer or work even harder to improve your soldiers, develop your war base, and reinforce your fortifications. All of this is due to the game’s official server’s restrictions.

Clash of Magic Server S2 has a plethora of new and exciting features. There were a few bugs, but the magic servers are updated on a regular basis, and the authors of this mod have now fixed them. The graphics and gameplay have been improved, and the visuals and frame rates are extremely fluid, making this game highly enjoyable. In the latest APK version of Clash of Clans Server S2, you will be able to utilize resources more effectively.

Download Clash of Magic S2 APK

There are no changes in CoC S2. It has not been altered; the building costs and timelines remain unchanged.The server is running the most recent official update, and it may have all of the commands accessible. To obtain the greatest user experience in CoC Mod APK S2, you may now install the fast fps and latency lowering mod.

Clash of Magic S2 Apk

APKClash of Magic S2
File Size214 MB
RootNot Required

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Features of Clash of Magic S2 APK Download 2020

Also known as the Black Magic, Clash of Magic S2 is a private server that offers quite a few unique features to the avid gamers. Here are some newly added features that you might not have experienced before in older versions of this mod, but you will enjoy those in clash of magic s2 apk download 2020.

  • Not Modded
  • Normal Building count
  • Latest Version
  • All commands
  • Fast and Secure

Clash of Magic S2, often known as Black Magic, is a private server that provides a variety of unique features for dedicated players. Here are some new features in Clash of Magic s2 apk download 2020 that you may not have noticed in previous versions of this mod but will enjoy.

How to Install Clash of Magic S2 on iOS

Here you will get the complete details of the clash of clans s2 mod apk download, that what are the requirements, and what are the steps that you need to install the amazing CoC Magic S2 2020 Mod.

It supports iOS 9.0+ and there are 3 methods for iOS: IPAIP, and DNS. We highly recommend the “IPA” method because you will be able to easily update, plus you can install our app next to the original.


  1. Download the IPA file from below
  2. Just install the modded IPA, so you can connect to the server without jailbreak.

As a result of these clear advantages, you should download CoC Mod APK S2 right now and enjoy your favourite military game. If you’ve previously played COC, you may think that COC and COM are the same game. To be honest, despite the fact that both are strategic war games, there are major distinctions between them.

A clash of magic, on the other hand, is a private server for the game that has been created to remove all of the restrictions mentioned above. You may enjoy playing COC in a whole new way with a simple clash of magic S2 download on your Android smartphone.

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