Pack Opener for FUT 21 [Unlocked All Packs]


Open packs and collect all the cards! Open the best pack, build an ultimate Draft, complete Squad Building Challenges and play online tournaments.
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Smoq games
2 Nov 21
Android 5.0 or Up
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There are many apps available to Internet users. In addition to its many features, this app is one of the few we tried that offered features not found in other apps. The response time of this application, for example, is faster than that of other web apps. Furthermore, the navigation is simple, as well as the buttons are easily accessible for easy usage.

What is Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK

Smoq Games’ Pack Opener for FUT 21 is an addictive sports game for football aficionados. Players must open distinct sets of cards with different players. They have each athlete’s traits. The outcome of the game is determined by the team selection. You may feel like a cool instructor. You may also connect with other users, make trades, and sell prized members. The coolest and luckiest coaches will be rated first. Dynamic events and stylish visuals provide a great chance to demonstrate your skills as a strategist, diplomat, or leader.

Pack Opener has 4.6 points in FUT 21. Millions have downloaded the software.


The Pack Opener for FUT 21 is a unique item. If you like football and have developed tactical thinking, you will like this game. The gameplay revolves around players opening parcels. The creator knew that the enthusiasm around this concept would draw a large number of people. It did happen.

You will be challenged by both actual players and powerful artificial intelligence in a number of scenarios. Victories and failures in fights provide you with packets containing uncommon football players. This is a very brief overview, but there are hundreds of lines of text, modes, and settings and indications. Remember team interaction and a huge list of additional features.

Make a list of the top football players

The Pack Opener for FUT 21 has a sophisticated and diverse gameplay. Expect boring games and ugly goals against the opposition. Cards and text data are used here. It all begins with slowly opening the various packets, from which a variety of players will emerge. There are many packs here. Each of them has the potential to produce a rare football player. Do not feel unhappy if the same athletes keep dropping out. After a few failed packets, you may be able to acquire numerous legendary players (idols) at once. Notably, the athletes you gain will not be helpful in all game settings.

New Game Modes

The Pack Opener for FUT 21 has various seasonal modes that emerge and go. The focus here is on the draught. You must battle a genuine player who, like you, wants to advance. The goal of such draughts is to form a full-fledged squad from a roster of athletes. The choosing must be deliberate, since each participant has a function and indications.

After a series of manipulations, represent your side against the opposing one, and the victory is determined by chemistry, popularity, and multiculturalism. In certain sub-modes, you don’t have to choose guys from the list; instead, the players you knocked out of the packs form your team. This is only a taste of the leagues, tournaments, and seasonal events available.

Visuals and sound

The visual design of Pack Opener for FUT 21 is irrelevant since much of the gameplay is static graphics and text. The cards are beautiful and all players and clubs are licenced.


Download the Pack Opener for FUT 21 Mod APK for limitless money to unlock additional packs. So you have a higher chance of acquiring superior players.

Testing models.

Pack Opener for FUT 21 allows players to enter tournaments with their wards. You may compete against strangers or friends. To maximise your reward, you must perform well. Do it just if you have a good team. Opening fresh cards is a question of luck. Maintain a competent defence and defence, allocating duties to individuals who are most powerful in a given position. Having never played together before might cause issues.

You rapidly grasp the nuances. It won’t be dull since each game mode is unique. Remember to identify your dream squad. Choose your captain and participants wisely. You will be rewarded for your involvement, particularly your successes. With enough local cash, you can hire the best players for your squad. There are various different sorts of internal money.

From hundreds of genuine athlete cards, you can create your own team. Remember that chemistry is as crucial as the total rating in a match. It is conceivable to sacrifice an excellent player for the team’s general morale.

Features of Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK

  1. ● Open packs and scratch cards
  2. ● Collect Ultimate Team Cards and Badges
  3. ● Transfer Market
  4. ● Squad Builder
  5. ● Squad Building Challenges
  6. ● Build a Draft
  7. ● Online tournaments with friends
  8. ● Missions for Special Cards
  9. ● Simulate online matches
  10. ● Position change cards
  11. ● Achievements, records and statistics
  12. ● Daily rewards
  13. ● Full players database
  14. ● Special secret codes for super packs
  15. ● and much, much more… 🙂

More Features

  • Easy and Free download process
  • Free – download, install and use
  • Easy Navigation
  • Real experience self-played game
  • Auto matchmaking systems
  • Made by high experienced developers
  • No ads, no banner, no popups
  • Runs smoothly on your phone
  • Well Structured

Our team has checked each and every aspect of Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK, and we didn’t find any virus or anything that reflects our users to download something else that they are finding. The Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK sound and graphics are superbly good, We tried both the ways from using headphones and in-speaker and it perfectly fine by our side, Graphics are also good from starting page to in gameplay, sometimes it bothers because of device specs that differ in every device we test in multiple phones that runs in Android 10,9,8 and some famous brand phone like, Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, Asus, Iphone and many more and we didn’t find any issues.

How To Download

The Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK can easily be downloaded. Downloading the app is as easy as following the steps provided below. Getting the mod can be accomplished by following the steps outlined below.

  • Now click on the given download link.
  • Wait a few seconds after clicking on the link, your phone will start downloading Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK in a short time.
  • After downloading click on the Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK file and install it on your phone.

Note – If you are unable to install downloaded applications because of unknown sources in your phone, you will need to turn it on in the settings of the phone.

Final verdicts

Now you can see what and where to download Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK, and we get all the data to combine and test each thing on the Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK and our final conclusion that is this app is safe, easy to use, simple to use, and well-organized way than the official one. App lovers who are super enthusiastic to play and use Pack Opener for FUT 21 MOD APK are now completely free and hassle-free for downloading.

What's new

  • SBC for 99 rated card!
  • Futties cards!
  • New Season Objectives


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