There’s a gig worker sized hole in Biden’s vaccine mandate plan

Falling out of the gap: As we wrote earlier, payment time can be one of the best incentives for vaccination. But again, Biden’s order only covers 100 or more large employers. Although gig workers are not mentioned in the policy, they stand to benefit from most of the policies that offset the loss of hourly earnings, and they make up a significant and growing proportion of the U.S. workforce. Orders won’t even help people who are out of work, which adds up to 8.4 million Americans.

Why it does: Biden had previously claimed that incentives like money, food and beer could help people get vaccinated, though 80 million people still haven’t received their shots. Only 177 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, which is only 62.5% of those eligible, and only 52% of the total population. In short, he tried the carrot approach – now he’s picking a stick.

U.S. Still reporting about 150,000 new cases a day, Biden seems to be taking responsibility for a serious situation without the vaccine, and he is betting that many in America feel the same way. Addressing people without a vaccine, he said: “We are patient. But our patience is thin. And your refusal has cost us all. ”

Lessons learned: Biden’s plan also includes measures to make it easier for people to find places to vaccinate. In the initial vaccine roll-out in December, many Americans were confused about available vaccination sites and supplies. But now, when booster shots are approved, individuals will be able to find a vaccination site on, including which vaccines are available on each site and which appointments are open to multiple sites. Toll free numbers will also be available in more than 150 languages.

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